This summer's hottest book boyfriend is the CEO of an entire country


Have you read the Frisky Beaver short stories yet?



In addition to the five novels in the Frisky Beavers series, we have three short stories (so far!). Retrosexual is currently unavailable (it was originally published in the Hot Silver Nights anthology, and will be re-released soon). But New Year’s Eve and His Bride are both available to read FOR FREE!

Both stories are about Gavin and Ellie from Prime Minister. Basically, they’re a chance to reconnect with Canada’s favourite fictional First Couple at moments in the other books. So New Year’s Eve takes place during Dr. Bad Boy (and contains spoilers about Max and Violet’s story, so we recommend reading Dr. Bad Boy first). You can read New Year’s Eve here on our website.

His Bride is a brand new story we just wrote for our newsletter subscribers. You can sign up here and get a copy. If you are already a subscriber, check your email from Tuesday, April 1 at about 10:15 pm EST. It may have gone to spam! Shake your fist at the spam monster and drag that message into your inbox to ensure you get our future messages. If you still can’t find it, try signing up again.

If you are a die-hard loyalist to wherever you buy ebooks, and prefer to get your stories that way, all of these shorts will be coming to a retailer near you, in one combined volume, for Christmas 2019. Stay tuned for news about that!

Mr. Hat Trick is now available for pre-order!!!

Release Date: September 19, 2017


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He’s a player. End of story.

I’m not interested.


Something about her lights me up inside. Makes me reckless.

So what if she doesn’t like me?

I like her—a lot.

And once I turn on the charm, she doesn’t stand a chance.


Fine. Maybe we can use each other for sex.

And the occasional late night conversation that nobody else will understand. That doesn’t mean anything…


* They don’t like each other, but they both like sex—and watching

* They have more in common with each other than they want to admit

* Sometimes the best fuck buddies are friends, too


* This is a hockey romance that takes place between seasons. Heavy on body-checking and double entendres, light on ice-time, let’s call it hockey-adjacent. We make up for that with angsty fighting, happy screwing, and a love story so secret even the main characters don’t see it coming.