This summer's hottest book boyfriend is the CEO of an entire country


Page of Swords

Last fall, we released Page of Swords–a Frisky Beavers novella–as part of a shared world thing, Cards of Love, exclusively on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. That three-month run is now up, so we’ve re-branded Bas and Meadow’s story with a proper Frisky Beavers cover and re-released it to all the major ebook retailers! And it has a chapter in Ellie’s POV, too, because sometimes the PM’s wife needs to cut loose at a Halloween party…

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Meadow is off-limits. She’s my tenant, my friend, and most importantly, a woman who has her shit together when I famously do not.

But in the dark of night, when the filthiest of fantasies take over, it’s her soft, curvy body I’m tying up, holding down, and dominating.

So I throw myself into yet another new project—a Halloween street party. It’s supposed to be clean and wholesome, but with each planning session, a little bit of kink slides in. And my depravity is just twisted enough that I start to imagine the good doctor is enjoying the double entendres.


I’ve been keeping a secret from Bas since the moment I met him, and everything that’s happened since then—our friendship, my inappropriate crush, the fact that I moved into the apartment over his bar—is tainted by that lie.

I need to confess everything, and I will, after Halloween. Because there’s no way I’m going to miss the hottest party of the year—or lose what might be my only chance to explore the hidden side of my desires I’ve never been brave enough to let loose before.


• No nudity. Leave your undies on when you climb onto the spanking bench!

• Adults only, please. The entire street is licensed for liquor and inappropriate language.

• Whatever you do, don’t fall in love with your best friend. The costumes aren’t real, and the feelings are fragile.

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In addition to the five novels in the Frisky Beavers series, we have three short stories (so far!). Retrosexual is currently unavailable (it was originally published in the Hot Silver Nights anthology, and will be re-released soon). But New Year’s Eve and His Bride are both available to read FOR FREE!

Both stories are about Gavin and Ellie from Prime Minister. Basically, they’re a chance to reconnect with Canada’s favourite fictional First Couple at moments in the other books. So New Year’s Eve takes place during Dr. Bad Boy (and contains spoilers about Max and Violet’s story, so we recommend reading Dr. Bad Boy first). You can read New Year’s Eve here on our website.

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If you are a die-hard loyalist to wherever you buy ebooks, and prefer to get your stories that way, all of these shorts will be coming to a retailer near you, in one combined volume, for Christmas 2019. Stay tuned for news about that!