New Year’s Eve

A short, filthy sequel to the USA Today bestselling novel Prime Minister by Ainsley Booth and Sadie Haller. Now available in ebook everywhere the Frisky Beavers series is sold.


It’s criminal how good my fiancé looks in a tux.

Also criminal is the fact we’ve had to spend the last four hours in public, and me molesting him would be frowned on at a New Year’s Eve charity ball.


Ellie has no idea how close I am to ripping off her fancy ball gown. Despite all the perks—and responsibilities—of being Prime Minister of Canada, deep down I’m still a man in love with this woman, and I’m ready to take her home so we can be alone.


• This is a short, filthy sequel to Prime Minister. A single night of kinky passion at the end of a very long year.

• The Frisky Beavers Quickies are short stories that take place during the timeline of the Frisky Beavers novels. This book contains spoilers for Dr. Bad Boy.


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