Frisky Beavers Toque Contest



This contest is open from April 15, 2017 to July 31, 2017, and open to the first fifty (50) Frisky Beavers series fans who knit or crochet a beaver toque. Design your own version of the hats Ellie makes!

If fifty people enter before July 31, 2017, we reserve the right to end the contest early.

Every entry must include a photograph of the hat (.jpg file) and a pattern or set of instructions (.doc or .rtf file. And simple instructions are fine! Remember that Ellie is a crappy knitter, no need to get fancy).

You retain ownership over your pattern and design. By submitting it to the contest, you are granting us non-exclusive rights to possibly share the pattern on our website, with credit to you as the designer. If you publish the pattern somewhere else (like Ravelry), we ask that you acknowledge the Frisky Beavers series inspiration.

One paperback per person who enters.

Open internationally.

Get as creative as you want!

Once all entries are in, we’ll pick a grand prize winner, who will win a set of the first three paperbacks from the series, signed and personalized by us.