Have you read the entire series so far?

Our newest book out is Full Mountie. This is a triad romance! We love the chemistry between Lachlan, Beth, and Hugh. Read all about it on their book page here.A Year In the Making


If you’re new to our series, we recommend starting with Prime Minister.

Then read Dr. Bad Boy.

Once you’ve read Dr. Bad Boy, we have a FREE READ for you, a short story called New Year’s Eve. This is about Gavin and Ellie, but contains spoilers from Dr. Bad Boy.

Also available is Retrosexual, a Frisky Beavers short story that takes place near the start of Prime Minister, but it can be read as a standalone. It’s about the PM’s chief of staff, and it’s currently exclusively available in the Hot Silver Nights boxed set.

Then comes Full Mountie!

And next up…

Mr. Hat Trick. Coming August 2017.

We can’t wait for Tate and Sasha’s book! It’s currently up for pre-order at iBooks, and will roll out to be available at other book retailers as we get closer to release day.


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