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All Frisky Beavers books are available in Kindle Unlimited for Summer 2020

Image of all Frisky Beavers books

We know a lot of people are reading books in Kindle Unlimited right now, escaping into stories as they hunker down during the global pandemic, so we have enrolled the Frisky Beavers books in the program so you can borrow the four novels and four short stories!

This means for a LIMITED TIME, the stories are not available on the other retailers, but they will be back in the fall before we release Bull of the Woods.

Want to start reading the series? Prime Minister was our first book! The two-time USA Today bestselling novel is now in Kindle Unlimited for the first time ever.

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You can read the two series (Frisky Beavers and Frisky Beavers Quickies) independently of each other, but for full Frisky Experience, we recommend this reading order:

Prime Minister
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Dr. Bad Boy
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New Year’s Eve
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Full Mountie
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His Bride
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Mr. Hat Trick
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Page of Swords
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His Bride is available in ebook for the first time!

If you have read Full Mountie, you’ll recognize this Instagram post from the middle of the book!First written as a newsletter exclusive bonus story, His Bride is the wedding, honeymoon, and first few months of marriage told from Gavin and Ellie’s point of view. It overlaps timelines with Full Mountie, so we suggest you read that first.


His Bride is available in ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple Books. (Google Play link is coming!) It will be priced 99 cents, just like New Year’s Eve, the other Frisky Beavers Quickies story about Gavin and Ellie.



At some point along the way, I convinced myself I was married to my job. That being a bachelor prime minister meant I would never settle down.
And then I met Ellie.

There’s nothing ordinary about a life with Gavin Strong. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, because for all the public trade-offs, I get the private side of the most remarkable man.
My Sir.
My husband-to-be.
• This novella is two parts wedding, two parts honeymoon, and three parts baby making.
• That’s it. That’s the footnote!

Introducing: Frisky Beavers Quickies

For a long time, it has bugged the heck out of us that Retrosexual (a standalone short story that takes place at the same time as the start of Prime Minister) was invisible on some of the book retailers, because it’s a “prequel” or bonus story, not properly, sequentially numbered as part of the main series. Also, we’ve written two short story sequels to Prime Minister, New Year’s Eve and His Bride, which are only available to people who come to our website and sign up for our newsletter. That is changing.

Introducing, Frisky Beavers Quickies. All the short stories in this series, including Page of Swords, which is a novella length standalone story, are now grouped in their own series, adjacent to the main series of novels.

Retrosexual and Page of Swords are currently available already! And New Year’s Eve releases November 19. Pre-order now at Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play.

His Bride will release on January 14 on all the retailer platforms. Links to come (already up for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

Both New Year’s Eve and His Bride will be 99 cents, regular price. Please note that these books are identical to the stories you may have read on this website; no new content has been added to them, so only buy them if you want to add the ebooks to your permanent collection! Retrosexual will be a free first in series read, and Page of Swords remains $2.99/3.99 AUD.